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Online Yoga STUDIO

Join our Online Yoga Community, giving you the freedom to practice exactly how and when you want. Tune into your mind and body, learning how to love yourself to the fullest. The choices are endless; whether it's a 15min Breathing Session one day, then a 45min Vinyasa Flow the next. 

Maybe you don't have a yoga studio near you, or the thought of entering a yoga studio brings you out in hives! Then this online yoga membership is perfect for you!

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Free Membership Trial

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New Yoga Classes Every Month

Unlimited Access & No Commitment

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From just £10.84 per month 

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Your Membership

Unlimited Access

  • Over 150 yoga classes in your Member's Area to choose from. Different lengths, styles and levels. 

New Content Every Month

  • 4 new yoga class, strengthening session, quick stretches, guided meditation or relaxing breathwork

Free Yoga Courses & Challenges

  • You won't pay extra when signing up

No Commitment

  • You can cancel anytime as there is no contract


I was a true beginner when I started, and have felt really supported through my journey so far. The courses, which are included in the membership, break down everything and gave me a lot of useful information.

I love the variety of classes and the ability to practice whenever I want. Being able to dip into the Yoga Pose guide is super helpful!

Excellent selection of on-demand videos, perfect for however you are feeling. Hannah is a fantastic instructor and makes it enjoyable whilst also being a great workout. Highly recommend

  • Tell me more about the monthly payments
    When you sign up to a Membership Plan, expect the payment to be renewed every month automatically. The payment will be taken the same day the following month and so on.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    To cancel, you will have go to your Members Area. Within there, you'll see the 'My Subscriptions' tab on the left hand side. You can then cancel the relevant subscription. If you have any issues, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.
  • Do I need to have practiced Yoga before?
    Absolutely not! You'll find classes for all different levels in the On Demand Library, with the option to select by length as well, giving you the option to tailor your practice. Detailed cues and instructions are given throughout all classes, so you won't ever feel out of your depth. Within the On Demand Library, you also have access to Yoga Courses and the Yoga Pose 101 section which are both perfect for beginners. Remember there's no such thing as 'Not being flexible enough for Yoga', it's the same as saying 'Too dirty to shower. Check out my blog post with the Top 7 questions I get asked from beginners about starting yoga


Here's your chance to check out our Members Area.

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