I was around 16 when I went to my first Yoga class with a group of friends. Imagine, a cold church hall and a group of giggling teens. Next thing I know we're all in Downward Dog and my friend lets out the biggest fart! Unsurprisingly I didn’t return to Yoga until about 10 years later to compliment my ‘gym, eat, repeat’ lifestyle, using it as a way to stretch out my sore muscles.

After moving to Australia on a Work/Holiday Visa, I discovered that it really is the land of the smoothie bowl, sunrise Yoga sessions and bare foot wanderers; giving me lots of inspiration to continue with my practice. I started to take it more seriously when I was travelling around India; now you can't go to India and not explore Yoga further! Something suddenly clicked and I decided to embark on my Yoga Teacher Training, in the middle of the jungle in Goa. Imagine monkeys playing in the trees overhead during your morning practice! I truly fell head over heels in love with Yoga.

The mindfulness aspect took a while to catch up with my physical practice, but I now realise how much mental strength Yoga gives me. When I’m on my mat, my mind is calm and still. I have a very loud self-critic, teamed with being an over thinker so my mind can be like the Wild West at times. I know that as long as I get on my mat, even for 10 minutes, the hard edges of those negative thoughts will be softened.


As a Yoga Teacher, I strive to share knowledge with my students. Giving them the 'hows and whys' of the poses, allowing them to confidently practice at home. My classes focus on alignment and anatomical benefits, so you'll see sequences such as; Shoulder Mobility, Core Strengthening and Pelvis Alignment. Whether you're a total beginner or full fledged Yoga lover, my classes are tailored for everyone.

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to teach in Australia, Italy, UK, Guatemala, Ecuador and now Online. The oldest student I have ever taught was 83!

The BIG dream is to open an Eco Guesthouse in Sumbawa, Indonesia; with an outdoor Yoga Shala and coconuts readily available!


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