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Online Yoga CLASSES


I can't wait to start your Yoga journey together.

If doing an Online Yoga Class by yourself at home fills you with fear, sign up for a private yoga session with me. Maybe you've already tried a group class, group session or public class, but find they aren't helping you feel confident with your home practice.

Review: 6 out of 5 stars! 

Yoga with Hannah is a wholesome experience in which I am guided through a calming mental and physical journey. Her astute knowledge of yoga paired with her belief in “practice makes progress” fills each session with learning something new about my body, getting better with my poses, and feeling lighter and literally: more aligned. 

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As an experienced yoga instructor, I have found that as a beginner yogi you will benefit greatly from individualised instruction. Whether you want to improve your posture, focus on getting more flexible or feel you need guidance from an experienced teacher.

I have previously worked with beginner and advanced students; every session will be personalised to you. Yoga poses can be very confusing, so let me worry about that, allowing you to grow more confident and supple with every class together.

Your sessions will usually include breath work and meditation, to compliment our physical asana class.

You don't need anything other than a laptop or mobile phone with video capabilities and your yoga mat.


Book a FREE 30 min Online Consultation (via Zoom). We'll discuss what you want to achieve, previous experience and any limitations.


Following the consultation, we'll get your first Private Online Yoga session booked in. You will receive tailored sessions based on your individual strengths and needs; leading you in the right direction to reach your goals, whatever they may be. 



Depends on your needs & length of class; most students request a 60 min class (£50 per session)


So what now?

I can feel it, you're ready to move better and think better, so let's do it! Learn how to change your perspective, learn how to change your perspective of others. Start seeing the world differently.

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