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hannah saunders yoga

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Someone asked me recently, "What is your purpose?"

My purpose, is exposing more and more people to the benefits of yoga, wellness & travel. 

And do you know what, I am good at it. More than that, I am great at it! 

So let me help you share yoga, wellness & travel with the world; through yoga retreats, social media, blog posts and more.


I truly believe bringing yoga into peoples lives is my purpose.


Hosting and teaching at Yoga Retreat Centres brings me so much joy. Seeing how people arrive, versus how they leave, humbles me every time. 

I have taught at Yoga Retreat Centres, and hosted retreats all over the world; Sri Lanka, Bali, UK, EcuadorGuatemala...with more to come. I bring my unique teaching style to every class, whether it's a sweaty vinyasa, or restorative yin session. My aim is to help students feel empowered every time they step on to their yoga mat.


So if you're looking for a yoga teacher for your next retreat, a resident yoga teacher at your hotel, or a host to guide & support guests through their stay, get in touch. 

[Check out these reviews from previous retreat guests]

yoga retreat bali
yoga retreat bali
yoga retreat bali


Social media isn't going anywhere! Right now, there are more than 3.5 billion active social media users worldwide. Even if you only engaged with a small percentage, is would be hugely valuable for your brand. 

Maybe you're a small business owner who doesn't have time to add 'social media manager' to your every growing to-do list? Or you have a social media presence but don't know how to nurture and grow your audience? Or you simply have no idea where to start with this 'social media stuff'? 

Don't worry, I can help! It's time to utilise social media, and start increasing traffic to your website. And traffic = sales! 


So what can I do for you? [look at what I am currently working on]

  • community management | managing your social media account; posting, engaging, growing and more

  • content creation for your social feed | using Canva to create beautiful, informative posts

  • content calendar management

  • copywriting for social | using keywords, hook lines, hashtags and more

​Not sure exactly what you need help with, but know you want growing your social media presence online somehow, get in touch! We will have a chat, and create a custom plan that will suit your desires. 

hannah saunders yoga
hannah saunders yoga
hannah saunders yoga


Writing for the Wellness & Holistic Industry [check out my work], allows me to put my passion on to 'virtual' paper.


Simply put, the more text you have on your website, the easier it is for Google to understand your brand and send relevant traffic to your website. 

I can help add text to your site, but with a focus on SEO, rather than just engaging pieces. I write copy and blog posts with a big focus on SEO, using technical plug ins to increase exposure on search engines, which leads to higher traffic to your site. 


  • copy for blogs

  • website content

  • online articles for travel/wellness/yoga

  • social media captions


Need help creating and writing content, get in touch now.  


So what now?

Still unsure how we can work together, but you know that you either want to offer yoga classes at your hotel, you want to improve your social media presence or need help with your SEO through content. 

Drop me an email and we can discuss!

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