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7 Days of Yoga | Movement & Meditation

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THIS IS A SELF PACED CHALLENGE, SO SIGN UP WHEN CONVINIENT TO YOU! Join the FREE Countdown Challenge; make movement & meditation your mantra. A different Yoga Flow & Meditation/Pranayama session will available everyday for 7 days. All you need to do is complete the steps for that day and you're on to a winner. Classes are pre recorded so you can practice what ever time suits you. Not only will this challenge help create healthy habits, but keep you accountable, motivated and inspired. SCHEDULE Day 1 | Gentle Flow & Meditation Day 2 | Vinyasa Flow & Pranayama Day 3 | Hatha Class & Meditation Day 4 | Mobility Masterclass & Pranayama Day 5 | Gentle Flow Class & Meditation Day 6 | Stability Masterclass & Pranayama Day 7 | Yin Class & Meditation - Yoga Classes | 30-40 mins | Suitable for All Levels - Meditation & Pranayama | 15mins Intensity will vary through the 7 days, even though you'll be practicing everyday some days will be very gentle. *Yoga blocks will be handy* If you are unsure of the different types of Yoga mentioned above, please check out the 'Styles' page on my website, under 'Classes'. You will find a detailed explanation of each style. Most importantly, have fun! Finally, don't hesitate to email directly




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