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FREE | 30 Days of Yoga | Getting your Splits

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This is for those people who say 'I'm not flexible enough for Yoga'! "Splits (noun) ; (Gymnastics) (functioning as singular) (in gymnastics, etc) the act of sinking to the floor to achieve a sitting position in which both legs are straight, pointing in opposite directions, and at right angles to the body. " ....however we are not, and probably won't ever be gymnasts. So why am I encouraging you to sign up to this FREE challenge? What you will gain over our 30 Days together? - improved flexibility; most notably in your hamstrings. Why is this good? Tight hamstrings can lead to poor posture, which leads to back/neck/hip/knee/shoulder pain. - overall muscle strength. Flexibility and strength go hand in hand; increasing these aids our stability, which helps protect our joints. - deep connection and understanding of your body works. What your limitations are and how, if at all, you can overcome them - connecting back with your breath, using it for your benefit. Practising moving out of your fight/flight response into rest/relax, even in difficult situations ... AND FINALLY... - letting go of your EGO! Notice how you can attach all of the above points to any of your Yoga practise, so the end goal isn't important at all. However, by creating a challenge that is going to push you out of your comfort zone, you will be giving yourself the best chance of pushing passed barriers and getting rid of your ego. SIGN UP NOW! It's totally FREE so why wouldn't you?




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