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FREE | 14 Days of Yoga | Back to You

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Sign up to this FREE 2 Week Programme to help you get back to you, the best version of you there is. MORNING We'll be focusing on developing your MORNING ROUTINE, helping you to start the day off in the best way, making these small changes into habits. If we think about habits as money; money multiplies through interest, the effects of your habits multiply as you repeat them. DAYTIME Movement is a big way for us to improve posture, reduce stress, increase energy levels and much more. You will have access to Yoga classes, relaxation techniques, express stretching session throughout the challenge for you to dip into whenever you need. Totally FREE! EVENING Building on from our new morning routines, we will be working on removing distractions from our BEDTIME ROUTINE. Who else is guilty of scrolling, put your hands up! For 2wks lets try to wake up and fall asleep without our phones, allowing us to reflect on the day and encouraging us to hop out of bed first thing. My favourite quote is 'Look at the step in front of you, not the whole staircase'. It helps us to stay in the present and not get overwhelmed by the task in front of us. Small improvements on a daily basis, build up to big changes. Too often, we convince ourselves that massive results require massive action. SIGN UP TODAY!




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