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How to keep your hips SQUARE in Yoga

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Why do Yoga Teachers use the cue 'Square the hips', 'Check that your pelvic bones are facing forward'...

When I teach I use this cue in poses such as Three Leg Dog, Crescent Lunge and Warrior 1 (among others). These poses cue for an internal rotation of the hip joint, so thighs rotating towards one another. This is achieved by squaring the hips or aligning the hips. When you consider more advanced poses such as Pigeon or Full Splits, you may find them easier when externally rotating the back hip/thigh. However in reality, to stretch the hip flexor of the extended back leg, we want to square the hips.

Essentially Yoga is all about aligning the body and mind.

By ensuring that we are working our muscles and joints evenly, it allows us to bring our focus internally. More than likely this will also improve posture, back pain, knee pain etc as we are moving how our body is built to move.

Check out this 'All Levels | Happy Hips Class' on my YouTube Channel

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