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Quick Guide: Easy Eco Swaps for your Home

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

You don't want to miss out on these swaps.

In my daily life, I ensure that I live a very minimal life whilst always making eco and ethical choices. For example, I don't know the last time I bought a coffee in a coffee cup. If I don't have my reusable cup, then I can't buy a drink...simple.

If you feel completely overwhelmed by the choices you need to make to start living a more eco-friendly life, look no further.

I have done soooo much research over the years and read a lot of books on my eco quest, let me pass on that information to you.

I am going to be honest, you won't be able to match that £1 shampoo from Lidl. If you can, just swap one thing and as you can afford it, swap more.


Bathroom Eco Swaps

  • Swap your Shampoo Bottle for a Shampoo Bar

  • Did you know that if William Shakespeare used a plastic toothbrush, that it would still be in landfill today. More reason to change to a bamboo toothbrush today.

  • Face wipes are old news, not only are they not good for the planet, but they also aren't that great for your skin. Swap to natural cleansing balm to wash the day away.

Kitchen Eco Swaps

  • I have already mentioned that I no longer use take away coffee cups. This is my favourite reusable cup

  • Nobody 'cool' using a plastic straw any more, save the I right! A metal straw is a super easy swap and small enough to carry around with you at all times.

  • Stop wrapping your leftover food in single use plastic wrap. Buy these reusable silicon food covers instead.

Cleaning Swaps

  • You probably think I'm crazy telling you to stop buying laundry detergent, but seriously, that's what I'm saying. Buy an Eco Egg instead, it will change your life. The egg is filled with pellets that clean your laundry, these last for around 70 washes. Once you've reached 70 washes, simply purchase the refills

  • Stop throwing away your antibac spray bottles. Start refilling them instead, with these clever refill sachets - just add water...genius right!

What are your favourite swaps?

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