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How to LEVEL UP your Morning Routine in 7 Easy Steps?

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

WHY is having a healthy morning routine so beneficial?⁠

  • ⏰ Sets the tone for your day : snoozing your alarm then having to rush to get ready...we've all been there!

  • 🚦 Take back control : you can't control the traffic on the way to work, a busy tube carriage, someone bumping into you but you can control your morning and decide what you want to you⁠

  • 😬 A routine helps to prevent anxiety : giving you time for the small tasks and organising your day ⁠

  • 🔥 Cortisol is at its highest in the morning : take advantage of that energy boost⁠

  • 🥐 Eat breakfast after 10am : this is when your digestive system is most efficient ⁠

WHAT to introduce into your morning?⁠

  1. 🚰 Room temp water first thing : you haven't drunk for 6-10 hrs, this is a no brainer. Room temp = wakes up your digestive system⁠

  2. 📱 Don't scroll on your phone : Checking your phone first thing sends a high stress response to the brain (read my blog post about delta, theta and beta brainwaves for more info)⁠

  3. 🤸‍♀️ Movement and(o)r Pranayama : what do these do things do? Help us focus, relax and reduces anxiety⁠

  4. 🚿 Cold shower / this is not one that I can endorse personally as I am a cold blooded person, basically a lizard. But the benefits are numerous!⁠

  5. 🌳 Get outside : Fresh air helps to clean your lungs and give you more energy⁠

  6. 📖 Journal : Sounds very 'Dear Diary' but this can help set your intensions for the day and get any worries out of your head⁠

  7. 🥐 Eat breakfast after 10am : this is when your digestive system is most efficient ⁠

Morning routines such be personal to you, don't let someone else's 'wake up at 5am and go for a 35km run' put a downer on yours! ⁠


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