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How to engage your CORE correctly

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Why am I always encouraged to draw my belly button to spine to engage my core?

So this is a bit of a trick one, as this 'why' is starting to have it's relevance debunked.

We used to be taught that to protect the lower back we needed to engage the core. To engage the core we needed to pull belly button to spine. I still catch myself saying it now, because it is so ingrained.

If you want to really get geeky...there was a study about 20 yrs ago that eluded to the relationship between core activation and lower back pain. However general movement is just as beneficial to back pain as specific core exercises.

Whilst this cue isn't inherently bad, it isn't as effective as we have been led to believe. Pulling the belly button to spine only engages a tiny part of the core, and usually stops people breathing naturally which isn't ideal. Remember the diaphragm is part of our core! What I would encourage you to do is really focus on your breathing and use that power to take you through the poses.

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