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I cried in Savasana today.

And it felt so good.

I’ll set the scene for you.

The Yoga Barn [Bali]...jungle, humidity, sweat, power get it, it was a challenging class. But incredible.

You may have noticed, through your own experience, that you resonate with some yoga teachers that others don’t and vice versa. I knew immediately that this guy was going to teach in a way that totally works with how I like to move.

He brought lightness. A sense of fun, mixed with self forgiveness. Encouraged you to flow authentically, rather than be influenced by those around you.

‘By the way, doing this arm balance won’t make you any more spiritual’

…finally, someone who speaks my language!

During this 90 min class, I felt in tune with my body the whole time. Ok fine, maybe not the whole time, because I still pushed myself in forward fold, pyramid and revolved pyramid, even though my hamstrings weren’t too happy with me. I’m not holier than thou, remember!

So revision, for about 80% of this 90 min class, I was in tune with my body. I found myself involuntarily smiling, feeling such deep gratitude for my body and the present moment I was experiencing.

Shoulder stand, plough pose, fish pose…we were coming in to land.


My body was tired, and so was my mind. I was ready, I had arrived.

“Oh what beautiful guitar music he’s chosen for savasana…shhh you’re not meant to be thinking brain!” I thought.

And then it dawned on me.

The music was live.

He was serenading us.

We’ve come full circle…unsurprisingly, this was the point that the waterworks started.

“I am experiencing this right now, here in this exact moment. Life is beautiful. I am here, and I am alive.”

And it felt amazing. All the tension from holding my body throughout class was releasing. With every sob, my shoulders released, my chest softened, my jaw loosened.

Yes, yes, yes!

I allowed myself to feel fully, to let go, to be vulnerable. And it felt freaking amazing.

No moral, or message to take from this experience. Because your experience, isn’t my experience. And my experience isn’t yours.

This wasn’t a one-off experience, it used to happen a lot when I first started practising yoga. But these moments usually came from a place of loss, sadness and regret.

This time felt very different.

Allow yourself to feel fully, and the see the beauty of the world around you, baby!

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