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Top 7 Questions People Ask About Yoga [From Beginners]

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

"You can learn new things at any time in your life if you're willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you." Barbara Sher

We've all been a beginner once; nervous on our first day at work, worried if we get something wrong, the fear of not wanting to look silly.

Even advanced yogis struggle remembering what one their right foot is from time to time...

...if you have practised any of my online yoga classes, you will know that this rings particular truth with me!

I am hoping this article will ease some of those concerns, and help you realise that you can push past those fears to start your yoga journey TODAY!

Take a big inhale and exhale; let's go...

My Top 10 Questions about Yoga for Beginners

1. Which type of yoga is best for beginners?

This is such a great question to start with! There are numerous types of yoga so choosing THE one for you can be confusing.

I always recommend to my members, who reach out with this question, that Hatha yoga is the best style to start with.

Hatha is an umbrella term for all physical Yoga practices (Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Power), however it is also a style in its own right. In a Hatha Class, movements and postures are taken thoughtfully to help calm the mind and the soul, all whilst aligning the body.

It differs from Vinyasa as there is no emphasis on flow of movement; each basic yoga pose is held with no transition into one another. The quote, 'The pose begins when you want to get out of it' resonates here.

A perfect practice for a beginner class.

Check out your FREE Hatha Class here, don't forget to subscribe!

Restorative Yoga / Yin Yoga

Both are slower styles, and very suitable for beginners. They are contemplative and passive forms of Yoga. Expect to be seated or reclined for the majority of the class.

Each asana is held with the muscles fully relaxed and for longer periods of time, targeting the deep layers of fascia and stretching connective tissue around the joints.

By opening up our bodies in such a way, it is believed to help open up blocked energy paths, allowing them to flow freely. You'll feel like you're floating on a cloud after a Yin class.

Check out your FREE Yin Class here, don't forget to subscribe!

If you enjoy these classes, sign up to your FREE 7-Day Online Yoga Trial and join your new Online Yoga Studio!

2. How often should a beginner be practicing yoga?

Honestly, you're not going to get a straight answer from me on this one.

Yoga isn't just about the physical yoga practice that you see in a yoga class. Remember, you are practicing yoga every time you sit down on your yoga block and do pranayama (breathing technique). Consciously thinking about every inhale and exhale; not even stepping on to your yoga mat.

Maybe your body feels good practising power yoga every day, or maybe some days you just do a sun salutation then rest in child's pose.

The most important thing to remember, is to listen to your body and mind. This allows you to honour yourself every time you show up on your yoga mat.

3. How do I start doing yoga at home?

It is so easy to start practising at home, because yoga requires minimal 'stuff', AND you don't need much space!

What yoga props you might want to invest in...

  • Yoga Mat | This is my all-time favourite mat, click here. Use code HANNAHINT10 at checkout, to save 10%!

  • Yoga Blocks | Check out these blocks made from repurposed flip-flops! But blocks can also be replaced for Tupperware, kitchen rolls etc

  • A Yoga Strap | There are really helpful if you have very tight hamstrings! You can buy a strap here. Or just use a scarf or belt, easy!

Then all that is left, is to find a nice quiet corner in your house/apartment. Somewhere that you won't be distracted, and you have enough space to move around.

If you live with others, I would recommend that you tell them when you're going to practise. This way you can minimise potential distractions. Also, you can work on setting boundaries which allow you to prioritise yourself.

4. How do I Yoga Online?

Just finding a yoga class online can feel like a daunting prospect. There is so much on offer, so how do you know where to start?!

Like anything, it takes time to understand what you like. You'll more than likely try a few classes that you aren't keen on, but during this process you'll start to figure out what you like from a class.


YouTube is an amazing place to start, as the majority of classes on there are free. As I've already discussed, a Hatha or Restorative class are great for beginners. So you could search 'Hatha Yoga Class for Beginners', for example.

Check out my channel here.

Private Yoga Class

Another option is 1-2-1 classes. This enables you to start in the best way possible, with the most amount of attention to you and your practice.

Working with a qualified and experienced teacher, ensuring that any injuries are taken into consideration and being given a huge amount of personalisation.

This would be very worthwhile as a total beginner, or even if you're just looking to work on something specific.

Book a FREE 1-2-1 consultation with me today!

5. Is beginner yoga good for weight loss?

Any kind of movement is going to encourage weight loss...


...this isn't the reason that we practise yoga. Remember what I said earlier, yoga isn't just yoga asana (postures). It is so much more than that.




Yoga does encourage us to look after our internal and external selves. There is a complimentary practice, Ayurveda, that helps us understand our bodies constitution and how to best look after our digestion etc [read my blog post here]

Essentially, yoga is more of a 'work-in', than a workout. Although we do practise plank pose (chaturanga) more often than I would like ; )

6. Do you offer Online Yoga Classes for Beginners?


There is currently [Sept 2021] over 50 classes for suitable for total yoga newbies, available to my members. Also, new classes are added regularly!

Additionally, when you become a member, you also get unlimited access to...

  • Pose Guides | These videos breakdown every yoga pose you can ever think of. Focusing on the alignment, modifications and what the pose targets

  • Quick Stretch & Strengthening Sessions | Perfect if you only have 10 mins, you're working towards a specific pose or feel a bit tight

  • Advanced Pose Tutorials | If you want to be able to do Wheel or Crow, for example, you will find dedicated sessions specifically for these poses. Working from beginner, up to actually being able to do the pose

As a yoga teacher, there is nothing I love more, than seeing my students become more and more confident in their practice.

7. What are your top yoga poses for beginners?

Final Thoughts

Whether you're a total yoga newbie or have dabbled, there is NO reason not to give it a go and work it into your daily routine.

Try a beginner yoga class today, whether you check out my YouTube channel or sign up for your FREE 7-day trial.

Experimenting and developing your yoga routine with some morning yoga and/or breath work. Learning about the yoga fundamentals and yoga poses such as cow pose, mountain pose and child's pose.

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