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Quick Guide: Life as a Travelling Yoga Teacher

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

What is my life really like?

My Instagram might make it look like its all about yoga in my bikini on a beautiful beach...which, a lot of the time, it is. But with everything in life, sometimes things aren't straight forward and there can be tough moments.

For a very long time I have known that the 'corporate 9-5 life' wasn't for me, however it took me a while to admit that to myself, my friends and my family. There's a stigma surrounding anyone who's different or doesn't conform; whether it's from their insecurities, jealousy or concern, I'm not sure.

I never felt comfortable in meetings, playing 'the game' or sitting behind a desk for 9hrs a day. A couple of feelings I had that I couldn't put my finger on until recently was that I always felt like I was playing a character and that I felt like a child. I always just assumed that I wasn't very good at 'jobs'.

That was until I started my own Online Yoga Studio and TA DAHHHH....I feel like a 'Boss B*tch'; totally assured and confident in my own abilities. I think it helps that if I don't know something, I am not going to fire myself; I'll figure it out.

So anyway that gets me on to 'Life as a Travelling Yoga Teacher'. Yoga Teachers aren't exactly few and far between, so teaching as your sole form of income can feel scary. I have lots of moments when I think, how is this 'career' ever going to be viable! You have to be very flexible (no pun intended) as a Yoga Teacher; prepared to have your fingers in many many pies to make ends meet.

For me, I run my Online Studio alongside creating content for two Wellness Brands and hosting weekly Yoga classes for a woman who runs a Remote Gym. I actually love the variety as I believe it makes me a better teacher.

Also whilst travelling I do Workaways, the only way I could live to be honest. This is where you volunteer for a hostel, farm, family, school etc and get your accommodation/food included. I couldn't recommend it more; it opens up a whole new world. You aren't just a tourist travelling through, you get to bed in to a community. Learn the language, learn about different traditions and make life long friends. I have done Workaways in Australia, India, Italy and Guatemala; all have been an amazing experience.

Maybe one day I will have a comfortable income to be able to just focus on Yoga but for now this lifestyle is working perfectly. Don't let anyone deter you from doing what you know if right in your heart, or even if you're unsure, just try. Even if you 'fail', you would have gained an amazing experience.

My Dad once said to me "You can always make more money", I don't think he realised what an impact those words have had on how I live my life.

Oh also, I will never complain about 'slow' WIFI ever again...because I now know the pain of true slow WIFI...not ideal when you're running a fully remote business!

Want to find out more? Check out my VLOG on my YouTube channel by clicking HERE

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