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Ultimate Guide: Membership Update- June 2021

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

A HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey recently sent out. It helps to build this community together; for each other and with each other.

I want to build a platform that encourages each and every one of you, helps you on your journey and is super easy to navigate.

Here's some of your feedback...


  • Just added 'Most Popular' & 'My Favourite Flows' section / An easy way to navigate through the HUGE library of content and practise a hand picked class that is either your peers or my 'go to' class.


  • Content Variety...all good / 80% of you are super happy with the classes, stretching session. relaxation techniques etc. This is great to hear as I create content for you!

  • Nope to Live Classes / you're either 'not fussed' or a 'little bit fussed' with Live Yoga Classes. However now I'm settled in Guatemala, I will start doing exclusive classes/pose Q&A's in our Members FB Group

  • Weekly Uploads are A-OK / this still suits 75% of you so I won't make any changes to this

  • Membership Value / good to know that you don't think I am ripping you off! So prices will stay as they are. I have added a new membership option though- see below


Not fussed about a HUGE back catalogue of Yoga content and happy to only have access to the new classes each week? Then check out our new Limited Membership (click here), as low as £5.83pm! Oh also, did I get a 14 Day FREE Trial!


  • BADGES = PRIZES. Members can earn badges in lots different ways. Every month they are a member they will automatically receive a badge, any challenges taken part in, yoga plans completed; to name a few. But what is the prize??? A PRIVATE YOGA CLASS WITH ME! Once you have hit 10 badges you are eligible for a FREE session (and every 10 after that)

  • EARN £ WHILE YOU LEARN. For every friend you refer to sign up to the Annual Unlimited Membership, you will be gifted £15 from me as a HUGE thank you for helping expand our community (no referral limits)

Gosh what a lot of information! I really hope to be practising with you soon. Don't forget to sign up to the FREE 7 DAY TRIAL for the Unlimited Membership or FREE 14 DAY Trial for the Limited Membership. No upfront costs or commitments!

Lots of Love, Hannah xxx

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