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Your Guide to the relationship between Yoga & your BIG toe

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Why does grounding through the big toe help our Yoga practise?

Imagine that you are in Standing Forward Fold. There is a tendency here to draw the weight backwards which leads the hips to go behind the heels.

In order to best stretch the hamstrings we want our heels and hips in line, therefore weight into the toes. A very useful cue is to 'ground the big toe' to help you bring the weight forward.

Another way this cue can help, is by bringing your legs/hips into internal rotation. Think about Half Moon or Warrior 3 when you are balancing on one leg. In both poses we want the standing leg to be internally rotation, however you may find yourself with the weight in the outside of the foot with the big toe off the ground.

To help balance and bring you back into internal rotation, ground through the big toe. This even works in Mountain Pose, where both legs are in internal rotation.

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