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All about Yoga & Pranayama

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Why are Yoga Teachers so obsessed with Pranayama?

There's a term called 'Paradoxical Breathing' spreading through the Yoga world at the moment.

It is where people breathe in an opposite breathing pattern. In the Western world we are told to 'breathe in' to make us look slimmer but that is in contradiction to our biology. When you breathe in, your diaphragm moves down to allow your lungs to fill up and causing your stomach to expand. Stress can be a contributing factor for paradoxical breathing, which is something we try to work through in our Yoga practice. Breathing deeply to reduce our cortisol levels (stress hormone). Also sitting down a lot can have an impact. If you have been practicing with me for a while, you would have heard me bang on about the core not just being that six pack that we all have. The diaphragm is also part of your core, so proper breathing helps to strengthen and stabilise the core.

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