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WHY some Yoga poses feel impossible to you

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Why can't you do certain Yoga poses?

Boat Pose

Imagine if you have super long legs, straightening your legs in this pose is going to require much more hip flexor and core strength. I have short legs, however 9 out of 10 I practise boat pose with bent legs.

Low Lunge

The full expression of this pose is our hands flat on the ground either side of our front leg, with the back leg extended straight with toes tucked. However if you have shorter arms or longer legs, this isn't ever going to happen. Or it might happen but your hips will come out of alignment. Maybe you'll always be placing your hands on blocks, having your back knee down or on tippy fingers. To round it up...don't let your ego stop you from using props and not pushing your body to the point of pain. YOU DO YOU!!

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