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A Complete Guide to Practising Yoga at Home

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Maybe you're a person who learns from experiences, rather than theory and words. So if that's you, don't feel obligated to continue reading; simply roll out your yoga mat and practice the below beginner yoga class.

Yoga at Home for Complete Beginners

| 30 Minute Gentle Stability Focused Flow

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One of my students, who is a beginner yoga practitioner, recently asked me;

'I've only practised yoga in a studio before. Can I do yoga at home by myself?

My answer...


*if you want to find out the other top questions beginners ask me, read [this]

To a beginner, I can understand how the world of yoga can seem like a complicated, daunting place. However, like anything, getting started it the hardest part.

Essentially, the main reason we encourage daily yoga asana practice, is to stretch out our muscles in order to be able to sit in a meditative posture for longer.

At home or in a studio, as long as you're breathing with a deep conscious inhale and exhale throughout your yoga class (and ideally throughout the day), you're a yogi!

The Benefits of practicing Yoga at Home

It's simple to find an easy-to-follow yoga sequence.

Many of the basic yoga poses can be explained and demonstrated in an 'at home' online yoga video.

It might take some trial and error to find the right yoga instructor for you. You may find some yoga teacher's voices more relaxing than others, others may guide you through their online class in a way that makes sense to you, and some you may simply like the setting of their classes.

For example, as I travel the world teaching yoga, I can film in unique and inspiring locations. Something my students love!

Practice yoga whenever and wherever you want.

Home practice means you can roll out your yoga mat and do an online yoga class whenever and wherever suits you.

For my students, this is one of the biggest benefits to them. They can practise a hatha yoga class, yin yoga session, vinyasa yoga class, some restorative yoga or a breathing exercise whenever they have a moment in their day.

A lot of online classes, including mine, are also downloadable. Allowing you to practise even when you don't have Wi-Fi.

A HUGE choice of different yoga classes to choose from.

There is such a wealth of yoga available online that you will definitely find one yoga style that suits you.

You can also be more experimental with your practise and try a style that you may not be on offer at your local yoga studio.

Usually, yoga classes in a yoga studio can be anywhere from 45 - 90mins. Which, if you have the time, is a great length to fully step on to your yoga mat and totally relax.


...some of us don't have 45 minutes free in our day, then add on travel time.

You can find online yoga classes from 10 / 15/ 20 minutes, the perfect length of time to slot into your day whenever you have a chance.

Practise on a Yoga App.

Yoga apps, provide yoga literally 'at your fingertips'.

The majority of my online members, have downloaded and practice using my Yoga App. They say that having the yoga classes on their phone, allows them to log in and practise a lot more often.

Yoga apps tend to be very user-friendly, and take away any of the other distractions that you might find when practising a YouTube yoga class. Moat importantly, you don't have to deal with any annoying adverts.

The Challenges of practicing Yoga at Home

Some yoga styles aren't accessible at home.

Unsurprisingly, it's difficult to practise hot yoga or aerial yoga at home. Unless you live in a hot country or have the space and money to install specialised equipment.

BUT luckily; meditation, pranayama and the majority of our asana practice can be practised anywhere.

Your yoga space will be slightly different to a yoga studio.

We don't all have a huge amount of space on hand to set up for our class. You might need to move a table or roll up a rug every time you want to practise.

This might feel like a lot of effort, but it gets easier and feels like second nature the more you do it.

'Too much of a good thing...'

There is such a HUGE plethora of yoga teacher online, which can make it very difficult to choose 'the one'.

It might also be difficult to identify which teachers are genuinely experienced and seasoned. Some yoga teachers are very good with technology, filming or marketing, which can make them seem more 'professional' than others. Even though they might not have as much experience as another yoga teacher that finds technology overwhelming.

Most online yoga studios offer free membership trials, like mine, and this is the perfect way to explore without committing.

You will have to invest in some equipment.

In my blog post detailing the top 7 questions beginner yogis ask me [read here], one of them is what is needed to practice at home.

However, you don't need much equipment, if anything. Here's my list to consider:

  • Yoga Mat | This is my all-time favourite mat, click here. Use code HANNAHINT10 at checkout, to save 10%!

  • Yoga Blocks | Check out these blocks made from repurposed flip-flops! But a yoga block can also be replaced for Tupperware, kitchen rolls etc

  • A Yoga Strap | There are really helpful if you have very tight hamstrings! You can buy a strap here. Or just use a scarf or belt, easy!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you feel a lot more informed and confident about practicing yoga at home. It really can be as simple as doing a quick google search and just giving the first class that comes up a try.

Practise with me on my YouTube channel, or sign up to your FREE 7-day trial and try out my Online Yoga Studio.

So, I leave you to roll out your yoga mat, do a sun salutation or two and relax!

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